Testimonials from Age Management Clinic Clients

"Kate has completely changed the way I feel about my skin. At 39, after years of struggling with my skin with acne and scaring, Kate has recommended a routine including Danne treatments, dietary changes and home products that has revolutionised my skin. Not only has my skin improved leaps and bounds but my confidence has increased massively. Thank you Kate."
Mrs Jordan, Wakefield

"I was impressed with Kate's honest approach. There was no hard sell at all, just an obvious understanding and knowledge of how skin works and what can be done to improve it. It was refreshing to talk to someone who had a broader knowledge than just Botox or fillers, which is all I'd been offered elsewhere. I now know the effective ways to not only repair damage to my skin but also how to prevent further damage happening."
Stephanie, Rothwell (Leeds)

"Kate offers a natural approach to ageing and gave me a wealth of information about the options available to improve my skin. It was refreshing to have a proper conversation about skin care products and treatments with no hard sell. I can't recommend Kate enough."
Mrs Jackson, Huddersfield

"I was very nervous about going to any sort of medical environment but after splitting up from my girlfriend I felt I needed to make the best of my skin. I had worked 6 days a week for the last two years ,so needed something to improve the overall tired look of my face. I plucked up the courage to visit Kate at the clinic and i must say i was pleasantly surprised. The clinic was just off the M62 Junction 30, discreet location and very professional. I learnt more in 30 minutes with Kate than the hours of internet research I had done previously. There was no pressure just the facts, I would recommend to anyone."
Jason, Manchester

"I am a self confessed skin junkie so this clinic had a lot to live up to! The best place i have ever visited in terms of knowledge and impartiality. Thank you for your help and guidance i am really looking forward to starting my treatment."
Kelly, Guiseley (Leeds)