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It is important to understand the effects that diet has on age management. What we eat and its effect on our skin should not be underestimated. Patrick Holford is a top UK nutritionalist and his advise in terms of diet and ageing in invaluable. Specific nutrients such as anti inflammatory Omega 3, 6 and 9 are crucial to assist in the prevention and repair of ageing skin. Diet is always discussed as part of the free consultation and important factors will be discussed in terms of diet and the influence it has on skin.

Recommended Reading;

Patrick Holfords 'The 10 Secrets to Healthy Ageing' and 'Solve Your Skin Problems'

Which Skin Conditions can be Treated?

  • General Age Management Issues


By eating the correct diet and ensuring we are taking the correct skin nutrients, we can add extra power to our fight against ageing. Specific nutrients are tremendously important to age management. Similarly there are some dietary issues that can have a detrimental effect on skin health and repair.


Diet should be considered daily and a programme of supplementation may be recommended.

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