Free Skin Consultation and Treatment Plan

Each patient is offered a free skin consultation. At this consultation, skin will be thoroughly assessed and suitable treatment options will be discussed, in detail. Every patient is different and will express different needs and priorities. It may be that a small correction in aesthetic appearance is identified or a more substantial, step by step plan, to address age management issues.

Kate uses what she considers the safest and most effective solutions to improve skin health, ensuring patients have not only a great aesthetic result but can also relax in the knowledge that all the treatments and products used, are the best the world has to offer.

Kate offers results that are natural, subtle and aim to improve overall skin health and aesthetic appearance. Most treatments offered are minimally invasive, with little or no down time. Some treatments can involve a few days recuperation and this is discussed at consultation and planned for if treatment agreed.

Kate offers full follow up and support and works from the clinic six days a week.

For more information, please complete an online enquiry form or call today on 0113 282 3300.