Combination Treatments

Combination Treatments LeedsOften to get optimum improvements in skin health, a combination of treatments are recommended. Skin is assessed in terms of texture, tone and structural integrity and ideally, we are looking to prevent, correct or maintain these three variables.

For example, a Dermal Fillers will help with volume loss (structural integrity) but not skin tone or texture. Similarly, Obagi Nu Derm will help with texture and tone but won't deal with severe structural integrity issues or volume loss, etc...

Ideally a plan will be put together to help address any current skin concerns but will also address prevention and maintenance. Age Management is an ongoing and step by step approach to ageing skin and it is important to understand underlying causes that influence negative changes in our skin. That way we can address changes in terms of treatment changes, dietary influences and the application of topical ingredients that can make a significant difference to our skin health.

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