What is Age Management

Age Management and Anti-ageing medicine helps us understand the process of ageing and the effects it has on our skin. Once we understand the process of ageing skin we can take measures to prevent, repair and correct it. Skin is essentially the largest organ of the human body and has a tremendous capacity for repair and restoration. With careful treatment planning, it is possible to make significant improvements to skin, giving not only restored skin health but also a much more pleasing cosmetic appearance.

As time goes by, our skin weakens. Cellular turnover diminishes and our skin starts to become depleted of essential nutrients. Collagen, elastin and essential components such as Hyaluronic Acid, start to degenerate. Skin starts to look dull and tired and we start to notice changes in texture, tone and structural integrity.

There are two main factors that influence the way our skin ages, intrinsic ageing and extrinsic ageing. Intrinsic ageing is linked to our genes and our family history Although there are some methods of correction, intrinsic ageing is often difficult to tackle. Extrinsic ageing is related to environmental factors that may damage our skin along our way through life. Sun damage, diet and lifestyle choices can have a massive impact on the way our skin ages. Extrinsic ageing issues, though still challenging, are possible to improve and sometimes even reverse. Our skin is amazing and responds incredibly well to the right treatment options and skin products.

Kate's approach to Age Management is unique. Focusing on 'healthy skin' rather than purely 'cosmetic enhancement', a holistic approach to age management is achieved. Combination treatments are often used to get the best possible results and ongoing aftercare and support is encouraged. There is no 'one fix suits all' with an ageing skin and every treatment option is discussed with your skin and your individual needs in mind. Age Management should be considered as a step by step approach and with commitment from yourself and the expertise and professionalism of your practitioner, the results can be amazing. A healthy, vibrant, and glowing skin cannot be under estimated and the impact it has on our self esteem and confidence can be huge.

About Kate Bancroft

Kate Bancroft is a Registered Nurse and Independent Nurse Prescriber. Kate's interest in skin health and age management began when she developed skin problems of her own and struggled to find both an empathetic ear and a professionally led clinic that could help her find a successful solution to her own skin issues.

Kate has been involved in skin health and age management treatments for over 10 years and has trained with some of the worlds foremost experts, treating both skin problems and offering patients solutions to genuine skin concerns. Kate uses what she considers the safest and most effective solutions to improve skin health, ensuring patients have not only a great result but can also relax in the knowledge that all the treatments and products used, are the best the world has to offer.

In 1995 Kate established the clinic in order to help patients with skin problems regain both clear healthy looking skin and the self confidence to go with it.

Now working as an independent consultant, Kate continues to offer expert advise on both skin health and age management solutions to patients. Kate offers discreet, professional consultations and a planned approach to skin care, solving existing concerns but also planning for future skin health.

Kate is a perfectionist, with a passion for skin health and an in depth knowledge of age management issues.